Prayer 2.0

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From: i need space on Mar 14th
Mar 14th

If only the cerebellum were celestial
Today I learnt of stars that can escape the milky way
Fast enough to escape the gravitational clutches of the galactic core
Spun spirals of glowing gas suspended in space seem serene and simple in comparison to:
A stroll through the hypervolicty of the hippocamp.
A route to an autonomous amygdala.
An astral neural network, typing this.
A closed universe drowning in doubts and dark dust clouds,
Fear and loathing in fissures and pitiful pituitaries, nevermind Las Vegas
Trapped, caged, trapped in light - in spite - of an open door
Confronted with corridors of corrupt chemical evolution
(Where’s Vela when you need her?)
High mass stars burn too brightly, and quickly,
Riddled with rapidly rotating neutrons
Memories densely packed, stacked, lost among a neuroses and nebulae
Accelerating into infinite walled expanses
Not knowing when they’ll return as dreams
to detract, diffract, distract.
Facing false vacuums and cosmic uncertainty
We yearn for a big rip, crunch & bounce,
Before grey matter grows greyer still
I pray for a steady state
Or absolute zero

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