Prayer 2.0

Message # 819

From: Joe on Sep 20th
Sep 20th

To my beautiful and much loved big sister. You were the best. You made my life infinitely richer. I'll never forget what you did for me. Your words - as 'seren dip' - from Prayer 2.0 will zip around the internet for years to come.

You were passionate about educating people about mental health issues, the very same issues that drove you to take your own life.

So, I pray that anyone reading this message who suffers from mental health problems gets the solace they need to see a brighter day in the future. I pray that anyone who is in a position to help somebody suffering does so. I pray that all those people who knew Emma in her life, remember how vivacious she was, remember how clever she was, remember how passionate and pure-in-thought she was.. and continue their lives in the vain she lived hers. I know I will.

Overflowing with love for you.

Your brother.

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